If extensive research projects and complex data are to be published, having an “outsider” look through the work can be helpful: Is the text clear and the argumentation logical? Have grammar, spelling, and stylistic rules been adhered to? Is the text too simple or overly demanding?

Your work might be a raw diamond in need of polishing: I revise the style and diction and tailor your text to both the medium and readership.

By the way, I not only edit scientific publications but also PR and marketing texts, as well as popular-scientific articles in the life sciences.

The following elucidates what my editing can encompass:

Advanced Science Editing — argumentation, logic, tone (+ standard editing services)

Rewriting — a blend of "writing" and "editing" 

After thoroughly scrutinizing and revising your manuscript, I send you two versions: a fully formatted final version and a draft in which my corrections and comments are visible.