• Oncology

Molecular Glioma Therapy (Review)
Suppression of TGF-ß 2 (Original article)
Cross regulation of TGF ß in glioma cells (Original article)
Adult and pediatric glioblastoma (Report)
Nipple-sparing mastectomy (Review)
Breast cancer-related lymphedema (Study Summary)
Cell cycle: antisense cyclin D1/extracellular matrix (Original article)

• Multiple Sclerosis

Oral DMF in MS therapy (Review)
Rivastigmine in MS (Original article)
Satisfaction of MS patients: IFN β-1b (Original article)
Cognitive decline of MS patients (Review)
Patient satisfaction in specialized MS-centres (Original article)

• Neurology

Sphingosine 1-phosphate and diseases of the nervous system (Review)
Drug effects: EEG-frequencies (Original article)
Stress related disorders (Original article)
Drug effects: behavioral memory tasks in rodents (Original article)
Synaptic response of CA1 pyramidal neurons (Original article)
Vertigo-therapy (Original article)
Neuronutrition in Alzheimer's Disease (Review)
Synapse formation & Alzheimer's Disease (Poster)
Drug effects: glutamate receptors (Original article)
Vascular dysfunction and cognitive impairment (Originalartikel)
Schizophreniebehandlung (brochures)
Role of Sox10 during neuronal development (Original article)

• Immunology

Immunogenicity assessment (congress report)
Tracking of haemopoietic stem cells (Original article)
Potency testing of veterinary vaccines (congress report)
Transplantationsmedizin, Immuntoleranz (grants)

• Nephrology

ß-2 M removal: malnourished dialysis patients (Original article)
ß-2 M removal: maintenance dialysis patients (Original article)
UV-Absorptionsmessung zur Kt/V-Bestimmung (Original article)
Glomerulonephritis (Review)
Cyclin D1 in mesangial cell mitogenesis (Original article)

• Metabolism

GH-Treatment of Turner Syndrome (Study Summary)
Diabetic Foot Syndrome (Original article)
Oral therapy in Type 2 diabetics (Original article)
Diabetes (Value Dossier)
Growth Hormone Treatment Turner-Syndrom (Study Summary)

• Cardiology

Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (Study Summary)
Marker der Myokardschädigung (Study Summary)
Heart failure (Original article)

• miscellaneous

Community Acquired Pneumonia (Original article, congress report, Website)
Osseointegration (Editing Research Paper)
Humanes Cytomegalovirus (grant)
Rheumatoide Arthritis (Study Summary)
Arteriosklerose bei Psoriasispatienten (Study Summary)
Venöser Thromboembolismus bei Psoriasis (Study Summary)
Pädiatrische Dermatologie (Editing Review)
Postoperative Kompressionstherapie (Study Summary)
Reisethrombose (brochures)
Bandscheibenprothesen (brochures)
Orthopädie, Radiologie, Chirurgie (websites)