Advanced scientific editing

If extensive research projects and complex data are to be published, having an “outsider” look through the work can be helpful: Is the text clear and the argumentation logical? Have grammar, spelling, and stylistic rules been adhered to? Is the text too simple or overly demanding?

Your work might be a raw diamond in need of polishing: I revise the style and diction and tailor your text to both the medium and readership.


Are the facts organized in a way that is didactically reasonable? Are your answers comprehensible, and have you asked the proper questions? I check whether your text is internally coherent, point out faulty logic, and register redundancies.

Most importantly, I pay attention to the language. That is, I guarantee that your style is appropriate and that the text strikes the proper tone with the intended audience.


There are various reasons why an existing manuscript must be fundamentally rewritten: new experiments or statistical assessments need to be integrated, quotes from the literature quotations have to be updated, or the length and formatting must be made to meet the requirements of a different publication.

Your manuscript does not have to be redone from the ground up, but normal editing isn’t enough. In such cases, re-writing is an alternative.


  • Analysis and correction: grammar, spelling, and stylistic rules
  • Formal requirements according to Instructions to authors
  • Re-writing: a blend of "writing" and "editing"
  • Point-to-point reply for re-submission

Scientific Writing

  • Research Paper
  • Reviews
  • Congress Reports
  • Case Reports
Scientific Writing

Science in brief

  • Abstracts
  • Summaries
  • Presentations
  • Poster
Wissenschaft in Kurzform


  • Research grants
  • AMNOG dossiers
Anträge & Dossiers

Patient communication

  • Webseiten
  • Flyer
  • Brochures

Text optimization

  • Editing
  • Re-Writing for Re-Submission