Scientific & Medical Writing

As a committed scientist or research organization, your work entails cutting-edge experimentation and analysis that need to be published in exacting, efficacious articles.

But when working on a manuscript — struggling with sentences and wrestling with words — it is quite likely that you consider whether it might not be more logical to outsource this chore to someone who writes often and gladly and for whom the language is more than a mere tool.

My métier involves scientific texts and marketing texts. My focus is on oncology, nephrology,  and molecular and cell biology.

The following pages contain more information about my services and experience: 

Biomedical Manuscripts — Research Papers, Reviews, Congress reports

Abstracts & Presentations — Abstract, Summaries, Slide Kits & Poster

PR & Marketing — News-Articles, Flyer, Folder, Internet-Content

From research articles to Internet content — the list goes on. Please contact me, and we’ll discuss your requirements.