My fees are fair and carefully calculated .

Of course you want to know how much your project will cost. But every assignment has specific requirements; the effort depends on your project’s scope, topic, and type. As a result, please appreciate that I am not able to quote fixed prices here. My hourly rates are commensurate with those usual for freelance medical writers (whose average fees are calculated by the European Medical Writers Association). I offer special terms for students and non-profit organizations.


My offer, accompanied by my statement of terms and conditions, contains a detailed breakdown of your costs, giving you adequate opportunity to decide whether the investment makes sense. Additional services or costs, such as research requiring the use of fee-based data services, will be discussed in advance.


Writing and research activities are usually charged by the hour. Editing fees are based upon the number of standard pages and lines. Workshops are priced on a per-day figure. Of course, other individual arrangements are possible: for example, writing can be calculated on a per-page basis. If you’re on a fixed budget, let’s discuss it; please see my “Contact” page (Contact).

And by the way: my fee includes one post-edited version.