Scientific & Medical Writing

The power of scientific & medical writing depends on structure: The argumentation must be precise, the paragraphs clearly arranged, and the information intelligibly expressed.

Good writing calls for a structured approach, a feeling for the essentials,  as well as an understanding of the audience – all of which require time. And wouldn’t you rather devote your precious time to your paramount tasks: your work with patients or in the lab?

My services center on medical and scientific communication – from authoring and editing scientific texts such as articles for peer- reviewed journals to courses on science writing.

Scientific & Medical Writing — Research Papers, Reviews, Abstracts, Presentations, Marketing & PR (focus: reporting of new results in scientific journals)

Editing — Editing & Rewriting of scientific and medical texts (English/German-editing service for researchers, academics, and businesses)

Training — Techniques of scientific writing (although many text examples are in English, the workshop-language is German)


  • Current projects: — Research Paper: Study design Multiple Sclerosis | Research Paper: Uterine artery embolization | Research-Paper: Outpatient treatment of venous diseases (Topics)
  • Workshops for writers: Research Paper, Thesis, Value Dossier (Workshops; only available in German)
  • Recent paper: 'Brand-Language' in PM-Report Pharmamarketing (Publications)